How I Eliminated My Entire Electric Bill and Gained Complete Energy Independence (Even With NO DIY Experience)

Of course everyone wants to be energy independent. But after what happened to me... I HAD to be.

I'll be honest. At first this left me feeling like less of a man, but would change my life forever.

A truly brutal winter storm left me and my family trapped at home for four days with NO food or water. I saw my wife and daughter huddled together, shivering under a mountain of blankets.

I'll never forget my daughters desperate and soft voice "Daddy, why can't you make the house warm again?"

I felt powerless, defeated as a man that I couldn't provide for my family. Staring at my crying daughter, it felt like a light switch went off in my head.

From that day I vowed I'd NEVER let my family be in that dangerous situation ever again. I knew I HAD to devote all my energy to protecting my family.

My ultimate goal was to create an energy system that was so cheap and easy to build that anyone could do it - that way even my wife and young children could build it if, God forbid, anything were to happen to me.

This system should also be able to produce all the renewable/green energy we'd ever want and need right at home...without relying on the utility company.

My last goal was to make my home completely immune to power outages - TOTAL independence.

My first thought was a backup generator, but those were thousands of dollars and would run out of fuel in only a few days.

I then thought solar and got a few quotes from local companies, but most were over $20,000... more money than I had.

I searched online for weeks without finding a solution and was beginning to feel like giving up completely until a thought popped into my head.

It seemed so simple and yet revolutionary at the same time.

Is it possible to build my own Solar Panels?

I became obsessed with this idea. It totally consumed me.

I read thousands of articles on solar panel technology, hundreds of instructional videos, and dozens of books.

After countless designs and several months, I was able to put together a solution that:

a. Was simple and cheap to build

b. Produced more power than I'd ever need

c. Broke my dependence from the power company

d. Ensured my family would be protected

Best of all, my solution accomplished ALL this (and more) WITHOUT:

a. Need for special tools or technical experience

b. Taking out a second mortgage to pay for "professional" panels

c. Paying hundreds of dollars a month to a solar company

And that's why I'm so passionate about sharing my all-in-one solution with you. So you can stop giving your hard earned money away to the greedy utility companies and gain real independence!

Today I can rest easy knowing my family will be safe at home no matter what the future brings, from natural disasters or an attack on our fragile power grid. My motto: If I can do it, so can you.

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